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Coming soon

Adopt a Radiomon Give face and shape to your favourite element!

Who’s behind it

About us

It started from a simple idea from two nuclear engineers, with one main thing in common:

we spent a huge amount of time playing videogames in our lifetime.

​Now, we probably wanted to feel that we have not only wasted time.

​In a casual conversation, we were asking ourselves how to introduce physics to kids, who are often rebuked by diving in abstract concepts. We know that kids learn best when they play. Inspired by the success of Pokémon, we thought that the radionuclides could have easily took their place in a similar idea.

​To succeed in this, we wish to build a strong community and a collaborative project, where our common passion and intelligence will make out of this game the next Pokémon. The team is growing – check the section “join us” to see what’s in it for you!

Game development

See here the latest updates

What's been done

Work with us and we will get you the current prototype and instructions to use it. Not a beauty of graphics, but you can get a taste of the game dynamics.


A database with the properties under definition and drafting of the Radiomons’ ID cards


We will start a playable demo for testing purposes. If you want to be part of the testers don’t hesitate to contact us.

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