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Adopt a Radiomon Give face and shape to your favourite element!

An atomic adventure

rad game where you incidentally learn nuclear physics. For Android and iOS.

Coming soon

Coming soon

What are radiomons?

Radiomons are the main characters of this game. Some people call them atoms, hard-core geeks would call them nuclides; anyhow they remain cool little creatures. We (the creators) had a lot of fun learning who they were, even if we only had boring tables like this one, so now we want to transfer this passion to all those who didn’t have the chance to meet them before.

Prepare your Radiofreezer and start the collection!

Explore and collect

Via transmutation

Explore nature, objects and technologies to extract Radiomons.

​Collect everything you can, see your Radiomons evolving via transmutation and decay and learn how to create rare ones!

Will you manage to bring back Plutonium-244?

​Irradiate Radiomon’s energy towards evil bacteria, cancer cells, microplastics,… or in a duel!